Free Medical Journals

The following journals offer free online access to developing economies, based on either programs such as HINARI, or on a HighWire-based program offering access to countries appearing in the World Bank's list of "low income economies," plus Djibouti. Individual publishers use the list from the World Bank as a guideline for determining their policies, so some variation in access per publisher does occur. You do not need to sign up for this service as our software automatically detects the country you are connecting from and grants access accordingly.


The International Community Trust for Health and Educational Services (ICTHES World Care) publishes four medical journals:

  • Community Dermatology

    Supported by some of the UK's leading skin specialists, 'CD' seeks to provide health workers with up-to-date and relevant information on the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease, and the general promotion of skin health within their communities. This publication, in particular, has many photographs and other illustrations to aid health workers in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Community Ear and Hearing Health

    Produced in partnership with the World Health Organization and Christian Blind Mission, 'CEHH' seeks to deal with the prevention, management and rehabilitation of ear and hearing disorders, whilst at the same time promoting ear and hearing health in developing countries.

  • Developing Mental Health

    Is designed to respond to global mental health issues. Mental health workers are particularly under-resourced in the developing world. It was founded after direct consultation with mental health specialists from 20 developing nations.

  • Repair and Reconstruction

    Addresses major needs throughout the world such as 'Burn Injury', 'Land-Mine Injury', 'Leprosy' and 'Congential Abnormalities in Children'. Two issues of 'R&R' have already been produced, focusing on 'Burn Injury'. This Journal is produced in partnership with the Overseas Interest Group of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons. Publication is currently suspended for editorial reasons but it is hoped to resume publishing as soon as possible.

You can read or download PDFs of these journals from this URL: